Petitgrain-Combava-Cistrus Hystrix-Kaffir Lime

Obtained from the leaves of a small yellow-orange citrus grown in the Madagascar rain forest. This is a custom low-pressure, low temperature distillation of only 30 kilos per year done by a Malagasy phyto-scientist. Therapeutically its rich sparkling green fragrance is more effective than petitgrain mandarin for relaxation. Due to its ester content,it is excellent for stress,anxiety and anger. It can be used in a diffuser for these conditions. For insomnia, try 2 drops on the pillow before going to sleep. It can be used in anti-inflammatory,anti-rheumatic, arthritic blends in low concentrations along with other oils.
Caution: Its high citronellal content may irritate sensitive skin.

Country of Origin:  Madagascar
Source:  Organic
Bottle Size:  12ml